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What Are Online Paid Surveys And how they Pay You ???

A paid survey is used to collect some information about the participant's personal or economic habits . Paid surveys  are considered to be more accurate because they catch a wider and more representative range of respondents as compared to unincentivised  surveys . There are online websites that give you a task to make a survey for them and when you complete the survey  they pay you (usually $3 to $10) for a single survey . You just have to register yourself on these websites . They normally take a test (an easy one) to judge whether you are capable of doing this job or not and then give you the surveys  .

How to Create an online Survey ???

Creating an online survey is not a big deal now even if u are not an expert of programming languages . "Google docs" has made it easy for everyone . Its very easy to use, you just have to spent a few minutes on it to create a survey . 

How Much Time Will it Take to Make Online Surveys ???

luckily, its not that much time consuming .  Spent an hour or so daily on this job and get paid by the online surveying websites . Each surveying website give you work after a few days of the survey given you before . You can join plenty of  websites to do this job daily and earn a very attractive income . I suggest you to have a separate e-mail account dedicated only to these websites so that you won't miss any survey given to you by them .

How Much You Can Earn Doing These Surveys  ???

A single surveying site won't  give you surveys everyday . But by joining a plenty of them and doing the work daily for an hour . You can earn upto $100 per month .. And if you do these surveys as a full time job  you can earn upto $500 per month . 

Remember , be aware of scam sites . Don't  pay to any website and don't give them information about your credit card upfront ... 

 I will publish the names of best survey sites in my next blog

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