Earn With PTC (paid to click) Sites

What Are PTC Sites And How they Work ????

Paid-to-Click is an online business that draws online traffic from people that are aiming to earn money online at their homes . PTC (paid to click) sites pay you for viewing ads and referring other people to join the site and be a part of the "Paid To Click" program . By viewing a single ad you earn money usually ranges from 0.001($)  to  0.01($) . Different PTC Sites have different number of ads from 4 to 40 . By referring other people to join these sites you boost your online earnings .

How This Business Model Works ???

In this model , the advertisers pay the publisher ( usually PTC website owner) when their ads are clicked by the members of  the PTC site (people who join this site to get paid) ..Usually Pay-per-click is calculated by dividing advertising cost by the number of clicks generated by an advertisement .. The formula is 
 Pay-per-click ($) = Advertising cost($) / Ads clicked (#)

How Much You Can Earn With Paid-To-Click Program ???

  If you are a standard member of a PTC site .. You can earn upto 1.5 dollars in 30 days with one ptc site . Yeah that is not much  . but if u upgrade your  membership and have plenty of referrals then you can earn in double digits ($) through a single ptc site and If you join 10 to 15 PTC websites and have direct referrals say 200 then you can earn $26 a day and Your total earnings would be $800  after 30 days with all these 10 to 15 websites  .. yeah that is some attractive income . All you have to do is to get direct referrals . Its not that much difficult as it looks. I will share the methods of getting direct referrals in my future posts .

How Much Time Consuming This Job Is ???

Luckily, its not that much time consuming .  you just have to spent 15 to 20 minutes on a single ptc site . ads vary from 3 sec to 1 minute , an average single ptc site have 10 to 15 ads  . You have to watch a single ad at once in a site but you can open plenty of ptc sites at once in different tabs so on an average it will only take only 40 to 50 minutes to watch all the ads of 10 to 15 PTC  sites  .

What are The Drawbacks Of Paid-to-Click Programs ???

There are thousands of PTC sites that promise you to pay but all of them are not legit .. hundreds of them are fake .. so you have to be careful while joining these PTC sites and read the site's terms and conditions properly before joining . and don't invest or pay to them up-front without investigating the legitimacy , merit and reputation of the site ..
I Will publish the names of top most reputed and legit sites in my next post on this blog ..

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