Friday, 26 September 2014

Earn $10 a Day With Microworkers

What is Microworkers ???

   It is an online international platform that connects employers and workers around the glob . It was founded in 2008 . On this site , small tasks are assigned to a member called a worker  (could be anyone who is registered to this website) by the employers ( anyone can be an employer) . the workers are then rewarded after completing these small tasks . It is now been a very famous site . Its in the top 1000 most famous websites in the world .

What Kind of Tasks You have To Do in Microworkers ???

As the name suggests , very small tasks are assigned to the workers by the employers such as signing up to a website , posting a comment in a forum ,  subscribing to a blog or posting an article about a website in your own blog etc . The time required to complete these small tasks ranges from 2 minutes to 1 hour . Everytime you complete a task it is then reviewed by the employer , if it fulfills  the employer's requirements then you get paid . The employer's satisfaction about the task defines you success rate . Note  (You have to keep your success rate about 75% all the time) .

How Much You Can Earn With Microworkers ???

 At start , your earning average would be low e.g $1 working 1 or 2 hours . but when you gain speed and work  dedicatedly you can make $5 to $6 in just two hours . so your monthly earning would be $180 working just 2 hours a day . but if you do this job 4 to 5 hours a day . you can easily earn $10 a day and your monthly earning would be $300 . 

Its a very simple job . Anyone can do it with ease . I m also a registered worker of this site  This site offers plenty of ways to withdraw your earnings. To join this site and start working as a  micro-worker you have to register yourself into the website . To register yourself on this website  click here 

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